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BehindtheLines6CA Great American Story Few Have Heard

During World War I, the Commission for Relief in Belgium (CRB) initiated, organized, and supervised the largest food and relief drive the world had ever seen. More than 9 million Belgians and Northern French trapped behind German lines were saved from starvation during four years of the Great War. Few Americans have ever heard the story.

Young idealistic Americans volunteered to go into German-occupied Belgium as CRB delegates to guarantee the food would not be taken by the Germans. They had to swear to be completely neutral as they watched the Belgians suffer under the harsh German regime.

This nonfiction book follows a handful of young CRB delegates, a twenty-two-year-old Belgian woman, two U.S. diplomats, the head of the CRB, and a Belgian businessman and priest who team up to fight the German occupation.